Foundations- Winning the Battle Against Parental Alienation

A Complimentary Video Series with Dr. Craig Childress

The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and Dr. Craig Childress bring to all target parents of parental alienation, FREE online Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.08.49 AMtraining classes. There are videos, companion worksheets and transcripts of the classes. We have started a movement to empower ALL target parents to take action and END PARENTAL ALIENATION to sign up and learn more  Click HERE


Conscious Co-Parenting Classes

Ideal for Personal Growth, Court or Legal Requirements

CCPI Home Study Package CoverConscious Co-Parenting Classes are a convenient, comprehensive and affordable way to take either a parenting or co-parenting program online. Our online classes are ideal for those needing to fulfill a requirement for court, those seeking personal growth, for social services and other related agencies or as part of a custody agreement. Conscious Co-Parenting Classes provide a leading, nationally accepted, online parenting program, and is one of the most trusted programs available on the Internet. All courses include a Certificate of Completion and Proof of Enrollment. Conscious Co-Parenting Classes are some of the only classes that focus on family situations that are dealing with varying levels of Parental Alienation, teaching target parents how to build and protect their relationship with their children.


Conscious Co-Parenting Classes create an opportunity for parents and family members to shift their attention from the personal aspects of divorce to the needs of their children. By using a psycho-educational approach, and a greater understanding of human behavior these Co-Parenting Classes focus on the enhancement of the children’s ability to function within their families, the relationship between the separate households, and how to improve the parental relationship to provide a nurturing, non-threatening home environment. These Co-Parenting Classes are suited for all parents, grandparents, or others that directly or indirectly influence decisions about children.

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Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor’s Certification


Start your own parenting classes with this proven top rated professional training program that lets you become a nationally recognized Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor!


  • Have you tried numerous older programs, but found that the parents in their classes were asking questions that were not covered in the materials?
  • Have you been looking for ways to expand your practice and create additional revenue?
  • Have you tried to take parenting certification courses only to find out they do not cover the material needed in helping families deal with high conflict divorce or difficulties with Parental Alienation?
  • Have you received a certification for a class but found receiving the course materials or support after the certification difficult?

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Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching

Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching™ provides a proven coaching method and service designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of your child custody situation, which can help elicit from you practical child custody solutions based on your specific need. Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching™ provides exclusive information and strategies, which can help you become more resourceful and creative and increase your readiness and confidence as you move forward with your child custody case. Working one-on-one with Dorcy, The Conscious Co-Parenting Coach™ can help improve your chances at a winning child custody and/or visitation result while reducing your attorney fees and litigation costs at the same time!


If you have not yet purchased the “Conscious Co-Parenting Handbook”, it is an investment you will surely want to make! I’m offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee if you order now!


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Co-Parenting Coordination

Conscious Co-Parenting Coordination is a process where a qualified professional uses a mixture of education, mediation, arbitration, and coaching to reduce the amount of conflict that a family is experiencing.


The objective is to help the family transition through the separation process with as little conflict as possible, and if the conflict is already quite high, manage the conflict and help them progress more quickly to a point where they can function on their own. While we acknowledge that Parental Alienation exist and offer many service to help target parents and their children move through the difficulties of Parental Alienation, here at Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we believe that some cases of Parental Alienation can be prevented by taking the necessary steps in the beginning stages of separation and divorce to eliminate the phenomenon of Parental Alienation all together.


The break-up of a family is a tremendously difficult situation, and if one of the parents disengages from, or is unable to adequately perform, their parental role, or if one of the parents attempts to exclude the other from maintaining their role and relationship with the children (parental alienation), the conflict can escalate quickly and become extreme. In these situations, mediation is generally unsuccessful and counseling does not fully address the needs of the family.


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