Foundations- Winning the Battle Against Parental Alienation

A Complimentary Video Series with Dr. Craig Childress

The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and Dr. Craig Childress bring to all target parents of parental alienation, FREE online Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.08.49 AMtraining classes. There are videos, companion worksheets and transcripts of the classes. We have started a movement to empower ALL target parents to take action and END PARENTAL ALIENATION to sign up and learn more  Click HERE


Reunited Children Speak Out

A web series

Child and momConscious Co-Parenting Institute is bringing you cutting edge information about what happens to children and families when they are caught up in the middle of their parents conflict and used as pawns to harm the other parents. Pathogenic parenting know as “Parental Alienation” has long term consequences to children who suffer without proper intervention and help. To watch the web series click below

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Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching

Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching™ provides a proven coaching method and service designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of your child custody situation, which can help elicit from you practical child custody solutions based on your specific need. Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching™ provides exclusive information and strategies, which can help you become more resourceful and creative and increase your readiness and confidence as you move forward with your child custody case. Working one-on-one with Dorcy, The Conscious Co-Parenting Coach™ can help improve your chances at a winning child custody and/or visitation result while reducing your attorney fees and litigation costs at the same time!

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