How the High Road Works 

    The High Road Works and Dr. Childress explains why he supports the High Road and why it works. 

Watch the video to discover how and why the High Road is not therapy and how it works 100% of the time.

Dr. Craig Childress explains how and why the High Road works. Dr. Childress also answers the questions we frequently asked about a protective separation.  Dr. Childress explains why "Parental Alienation" is a child protection issue and the importance of a protective separation. Find out how Dr. Childress discovered "Parental Alienation" and why the current forms of therapy were not solving the problem. Find out why we recover the authentic child in just a few days and what creates the long terms success after the High Road to Reunification Workshop is completed. We will be currently accepting applications for High Road to Reunification Certified Coaches to begin soon! Click the link below for more information about our upcoming Coach Certification Training Programs.