Pathogenic Parenting is Psychological Seduction 

    Understand the Psychological Seduction of the Pathogenic Parent to the Child.

Watch the video to discover how your child is getting psychologically seduced by the pathogenic parent. 

Dr. Craig Childress explains how the pathogenic parent is hooking your children emotionally and psychologically. This video takes a deeper look at the pathology, why you were blindsided, and what you can do about it. We are training new coaches and therapist on how to assess, diagnose, and even treat - and solve the problem. The APA is paying attention; they are no longer sitting in silence. Targeted parents are rising together with a unified voice and are no longer sitting back waiting and wondering what is happening. Get empowered by getting educated and take action. If you want more information about our upcoming training click the button below and enter your information. We will notify you of our Certified Coach Training Program!

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Psychological Seduction