Attachment-Based "Parental Alienation" Solutions Certification Training

for Mental Health Professionals

Launching: March 26-29 To Be Announced

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our training has been postponed until further notice. We look forward to training with you when the time comes! Opt in at the button below to stay tuned for more details. In the meantime...

...Check Out the Video Below of What You Can Expect in the Training!

Presented By:

Dr. Craig Childress, Psy. D. 

Dorcy Pruter, CEO/Founder of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute 

If You Are Answering "Yes" to the Questions Below....

  • Are you a mental health professional working with families of high-conflict divorce? 

  • Do you want to solve the family dynamic known as "parental alienation?"

  • Do you have one parent claiming abuse and the other parent claiming alienation? 

  • Have you been struggling with what to do to solve this family crisis? 
  • Are you struggling with deciding what the 'best interest' of the child is?
  • Have you been operating under the theory of Gardner's "Parental Alienation" without a solution?
  • Have you heard of Foundations and the work of Dr. Childress and would like to learn how to implement what he shares in your own practice?
  • Have you received board complaints or threats for board complaints?

...Great News! Dr. Childress and Dorcy Pruter have created a 4-day workshop for mental health professionals that will take you through the process of proper assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and solution for families struggling with complex trauma surrounding divorce.

Become certified and trained in the solution to this complex family issue! 

✓ Learn the process of recovering families quickly and learn how to protect your license by following a diagnostic model using accepted constructs of psychology.

✓ End the guessing game and feel confident in your diagnosis and treatment of this complex family issue.

Get the right mindset, skills, and tools you need to solve the family crisis known as "Parental Alienation" - once and for all.

This is a 4 day, in-depth training & certification for mental health providers ONLY!

Mental Health Training Agenda

Day 1 Morning:  Foundations

  • Family Systems Therapy
    • Learn the methods needed for facilitating Family Systems Therapy in the context of complex trauma surrounding divorce.
  • Attachment & Attachment Trauma
    • Learn the basic understanding of the attachment system and how to recognize when it is not functioning properly during and after divorce.
  • Personality Disorder Pathology
    • Learn how to quickly recognize the 5 most important personality disorder traits when they show up in a child during separation and divorce.
  • Neuro-Development of the Brain
    • Learn the different developmental stages of the brain and how the attachment system works from early childhood.
    • Discover the importance of understanding the attachment system and how it is a motivational system for love and bonding.

Day 1 Afternoon:  Diagnosis

  • Learn to how to assess for the pathology known as “Parental Alienation" using accepted constructs of psychology
    • Three Diagnostic Indicators
    • 12 Associated Clinical Signs

 Day 2 Morning:  Assessment

  • Attachment Symptom
    • I deep dive into assessing the difference between a properly functioning attachment system and one that is dysfunctional.
  • Personality Disorder Symptom
    • An easy to follow process in identifying the 5 personality disorder symptoms that are only present in a child being influenced by a narcissistic borderline parent. 
  • Phobic Anxiety Symptom
    • Understanding authentic anxiety and phobic anxiety brought on by the pathogenic parenting of the narcissistic borderline parent.
  • Delusional Symptom
    • Learn the difference between an actual real experience and an encapsulated persecutory delusion.

Day 2 Afternoon:  Assessment

  • Six-Session Treatment-Focused Assessment
    • Now that you have a deeper understanding of the diagnostic indicators we will spend the afternoon going through the step by step process of the six part assessment including the role playing and case studies.

 Day 3 Morning: Court-Involved Family Therapy

  • Professional Description
    • Understand the relationship rating scales that empower the child’s authentic voice.
    • Solution-focused family therapy
    • Altering false meaning constructs

Day 3 Afternoon: Augmented Treatment Plans

  • Follow-up maintenance care  
    • Discover the components of long-term care and incorporate measurable objectives for the entire family system.
    • How to work with the child and what needs to happen with the child Maintenance Care using the relationship rating scales
    • Understand the treatment team approach and how to incorporate it in your practice and local area
    • Bringing it all together from Assessment, to Diagnosis to Proper Treatment Needs recognition including protective separations and family rating to determine the length of care needed for the family.

Day 4 Morning:  Clinical Psychology Report Writing 

  • The written treatment plan
    • Effective step-by-step process using the assessment and diagnostic indicator checklist to create a written treatment plan
    • Treatment plan follow up to ensure effectiveness of treatment using measurable milestones during treatment

Day 4 Afternoon: Testimony for the Family Courts 

  • Proven process for creating court testimony for mental health professionals working with family courts
  • effective questions for court-room testimony using already accepted constructs from clinical psychology

Post-Seminar Series: (2) 90 minute follow up calls for asking questions and guidance on your first case.


Dr. Craig Childress, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in treating children and families. My specialty areas of focus include the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD-spectrum issues, treating excessive child anger and defiance, resolving marital conflicts, early childhood psychotherapy, and assessing and consultation for attachment based "Parental Alienation" Dynamics.

Dr. Childress has lectured around the world on the subject of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the pathology known as "parental alienation." His level on understanding for the ending of this pathology in the family post divorce is second to none. Dr. Childress has an extensive background in clinical psychology and also in teaching in Universities throughout Southern California. 

Craig Childress, Psy. D.

Clinical Psychologist 

The primary focus of Dorcy’s work at the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute is high-conflict custody disputes involving "Parental Alienation." Her goal is to help establish custody plans and co-parenting roles that encourage positive relationships between children and BOTH parents.

Working with both mothers and fathers, as well as attorneys and therapists, Dorcy has spent the last several years as a Family Reunification Coach and Custody Consultant. She has worked on numerous cases, nationally and internationally, garnering positive results.

Dorcy Pruter

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute