The Chosen Parent Collective


Rebuild your connection with your child. Learn to coexist with your co-parent when needed (even if they’re steeped in pathology). Get real-time access, tips, and hot-seat, group coaching from Dorcy Pruter.

$69 a month membership with VIP perks and access

For ALL Chosen Parents looking to stop “parental alienation,” co-parent successfully, and reunite with their child(ren).

How you know you’re in the right place

Your child outright refuses to come to your parenting time or your co-parent makes an excuse about why your son or daughter can’t come.

You notice a change in your child’s behavior every time they come back from your co-parents.

Your child says that they never want to see you again.

You haven’t seen your child (or adult children) in weeks, months or even years.

Your co-parent feels like a ticking time-bomb, waiting for you to “make a mistake,” so they can seize more control.  

All of these challenges are signs of “parental alienation." You're not alone. I’ve supported thousands of parents who were also alienated from their children.

I have good news for you: No matter how big the distance is right now, there is a way to rebuild a healthy bond with your child(ren) that lasts.

Meet Dorcy

Hi. I’m Dorcy Pruter.

Parental alienation is an issue very close to my heart.

I am a former alienated child who was able to reunite with my Dad. Through my personal and professional journey, I know what it takes to end the conflict of divorce and re-establish a healthy, long-lasting bond with your family.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve also been helping families navigate the dysfunctional family courts and reunite by giving you a voice in a system that often has no idea what is going on with your family dynamic.

If you’re in the midst of a custody battle, dealing with a high conflict co-parent, or alienated from your minor or adult children, you do not have to do this alone.

These experiences can be so isolating. It’s imperative that you have a support system in place to help you navigate this challenging time effectively so you and your family move from being divided to united.

That’s why I created the Chosen Parent Collective.

But, what is a Chosen Parent?

Before I tell you about this special membership I created for parents like you, let me answer the question you may be asking—who is a Chosen parent? Is it me?

The Chosen Parent is the one that often has the most obstacles in front of them…this means you’re meant to lead out of trauma and into love.

Everyone keeps telling you “It will just get better. Don’t worry. Divorce is hard on children. Give them time in space. They’re not ready to have a relationship with you” 

You’ve been suffering in silence or you’re trying to figure out why you’re child suddenly doesn’t like you and you haven’t done anything wrong 

You have visitation or custody, but see how the behavior of your ex influences the child(ren) and you fear you may lose them.

No one really understands what’s happening and then you found this thing called “parental alienation” and you now know what’s going on

You may have been alienated from your now adult-children and seeking to create a connection with them. You might even have been falsely accused.

Any of this sound familiar?

If so, you’re a Chosen Parent. And I know that as a Chosen Parent, you are the leader of your family. You are meant to restore the bond of unconditional love that always exists between parent and child.

Join me and other parents like you in The Chosen Parent Collective

A community of co-parents who have been alienated

This coalition is essential to support you to claim and stay in the role of “Chosen Parent”…especially when times are challenging!

In the collective, you will —

Learn skills from Dorcy about how to parent your contentious child and support them to drop the programmed pathological behavior

Understand how to co-exist with your alienating co-parent when you need to

Receive an opportunity for hot seat coaching for your unique situation and/or witness others get supported in their similar situations.

All of this is essential to heal and restore the unbreakable bond of unconditional love that exists between you and your child.

Get the support you need.

$69 a month membership with VIP perks and access

**Should you choose to opt-out at some point but then choose to re-engage at a later point, you will need to re-enroll at the price offered at that time. However when you enroll now, you will lock in the current price (i.e., your monthly payment will not increase when the price increases). 

In the Chosen Parent Collective you’ll receive:

That's right. The collective gives you monthly access to potent calls with Dorcy. You'll receive—

  • Strategies on how to co-parent with your co-parent while amidst a custody battle
  • Reunification techniques that work
  • Techniques for how to communicate with your children in a way that helps them fold in
  • Proven tactics for how to talk to your co-parent to avoid further conflict and de-escalate any situation

You’ll also have the chance to get laser coaching from Dorcy during the LIVE SESSIONs and learn from the coaching I do with other parents.

Replays for all calls are available if you ever have to miss one.

Our Private Online Community is your go-to place to stop feeling alone and start getting connected!

In this online forum you’ll

  • Connect with other parents who know exactly what you’re going through
  • Learn from how other alienated parents are navigating their family dynamics
  • Tap into hope and encouragement when you’re feeling down
  • Offer hope and encouragement when you’re feeling up
  • Get support with putting into practice the strategies and techniques you learn about during the live calls
  • Unlike many support groups, The Chosen Parent Collective is solution focused. You’ll actually walk away with skills you need to make change immediately. 

BONUS: Receive special savings on other CCPI programs and services.

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$69 / Month


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The Power of Community

I know how isolating it can be to face these struggles on your own. I know there are times you feel absolutely crazy when an co-parent is blocking you at every step and preventing you from seeing your own child. Or your adult children refuse to see you because they believe the pathology presented to them.

I’m here to remind you that you are not crazy and you are not alone.

Getting support in a community of people who get what you’re going through is essential to overcome the challenges, shed the pain of the past and move from a divided to united family, especially when your family is living in two different households.

**Should you choose to opt-out at some point but then choose to re-engage at a later point, you will need to re-enroll at the price offered at that time. However when you enroll now, you will lock in the current price (i.e., your monthly payment will not increase when the price increases). 

About Dorcy Pruter

Welcome loving parents!

Dorcy Pruter, Founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute (CCPI), a Dorcy Inc. Company, provides reunification coaching, co-parenting education, and “parental alienation” solutions for parents and children to reconnect, or stay connected, during and after a high-conflict divorce.

Years of personal and professional experience taught her that the bond between a parent and child is never broken. She is a formerly alienated child who ended the suffering for her father and siblings. She is also a divorced conscious co-parent of two daughters and the wife of a man who was being alienated from his children.

Dorcy has spent the last several years as a Family Reunification Coach and Custody Consultant, working with both mothers and fathers, as well as attorneys and therapists. She has worked on numerous cases, nationally and internationally, garnering positive results. She created CCPI with one simple and bold mission - to end “parental alienation” everywhere for everyone.