There’s a revolutionary new movement for divorcing families and it is called Conscious Co-Parenting or parallel parenting with Consciousness.

Divorce is on the rise and more people than ever need the help of a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach.

YOU are invited to join the cutting edge thoughtful Conscious Co-Parenting leaders who are looking for a way to guide families out of court and back into co-parenting without someone else telling them what to do.

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Finally…. A program that actually teaches divorcing parents HOW to achieve the kind of relationships in their families that they deserve, a relationship so many of the leading divorce experts, authors and coaches are talking about.

After all, ideas are great, however if we really want to change the way that children of divorce experience the world, we’ve got to be able to teach divorcing parents HOW, and the more coaches we have the greater the chance we can eliminate high conflict from the divorcing family and get them out of the family court system once and for all…

Dear Advocate for Children of Divorce,

Let’s be honest… getting divorced can be stressful, overwhelming and worrisome. When people divorce they sometimes forget about how they are raising their kids. We don’t feel confident as parents and we desperately want to rise to the occasion to be the parents that our children deserve. Often times we are stuck in the spin cycle of a high conflict divorce and wondering what to do next.

The family court system, as we’ve known it, simply isn’t working. It is failing our families and taking away our very fundamental human right to be a parent.

If you’re ready to do something about this… Read on.

Then she calls you in the middle of the night her son was admitted into the hospital for attempted suicide, she is an emotional wreck and is blaming the father. You race to her side, but something inside of you is tugging at you, telling you something is not right here, could it really be all one persons fault? How could it be his father? He has not been around his son for a really long time.

When you see a child being hurt, emotionally or physically, by the person who is supposed to love them the most… it simply breaks your heart. You want to do something but you are not sure what.

You’ve probably read a ton of books on divorce and co-parenting and most likely high conflict divorce and parental alienation.

Maybe you’ve even started a support group, or worked in some way to help divorcing parents, that you know, tap into a more compassionate place with their children AND themselves during and after a divorce. And when you go to a friend’s house, and she goes on and on about what a horrible person her ex husband is, right in front of her children, you want to cringe and say something, but you are not sure what.


Dorcy Pruter

Our certified coach’s training program is a comprehensive, detailed program that provides you with the knowledge, skills, systems and processes as well as an online support group so that you have the accountability to go the distance.

You go through our program with a connected, supportive community. Many of our graduates are already out doing this work, across the globe. And because we are so mission driven, we are very much a family that supports each other, holds each other accountable and has the belief that you will succeed in your mission.

You’ll see immediate results in your own family, as you learn to transform the way you were taught to parent, incorporate connection and compassion in all of your relationships including your relationship with a high conflict co-parent. You will learn how to not get emotionally hooked by the negative emotions that often hold us stuck in divorce.

This same process has been used by hundreds of families around the world and after our training program is completed you will feel confident in your ability to create transformation in families lives using the tools you have been given.


Despite your best intentions, and despite your passion for creating this positive change in the world, and despite how much it hurts you when you see other people acting out negatively towards their children… sometimes, even, you just snap.

Maybe you are experiencing your own divorce and you find yourself yelling at your kids, or you lash out at them. And you wish you knew how to control your emotional outburst. You tell yourself… “I need to stop… My kids deserve better” or worse you tuck it down inside of you and pretend it never happened.


NOBODY is perfect. Not even me. New brain research shows that this is normal and often times, we can’t help it, it’s based on the way our brain was wired when we were young – we’ll get to that in minute…

There is a cycle of conflict at work here:

Many divorcing parents are trapped in this cycle and parents need the tools and resources to break free from this emotionally reactive spin cycle. This Cycleprocess changes the neural response to our reactions when our children and our ex cause us frustration and anger. The methods and skills that you will learn as a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach will allow you to create a different way of parenting before, through and after divorce.



There is a way to consciously create a new pattern for yourself, your family and at the same time others who desperately need your help.

That’s where you come in.

You will learn how to access this coaching certification training so that you can positively impact the lives of your children and the families you coach.

It’s time to start a movement for a more conscious way of divorcing with children, through connection and communication with our children instead of dominance and control.

Most divorcing parents want to keep their children out of the middle, most are unaware of how their actions and reactions are impacting their children, parents just need to learn HOW to keep their kids out of the miserable middle once and for all…


What’s happening in that head of yours?

You see, when you were young you learned how to respond to stress by observing those closes to you and how they responded to stress. Now most of us were closest to our parents when we were young, so this is what we learned. There is a chemical reaction that occurs in our brain when you go into fear, this triggers our basic human response of flight, fight or freeze. This is what happens when our ex and kids push our buttons, we then react based on what we learned in early childhood.

The good news is that recent brain research shows that we can create new patterns in our brain with learning new skills. This means that we can create new patterns of response when we use specific tools to release the old behavior and intentionally create new neural pathways.

Most divorcing parents want to keep their children out of the middle, most are unaware of how their actions and reactions are impacting their children, parents just need to learn HOW to keep their kids out of the miserable middle once and for all…

We are all motivated by the same baseline human drives. One of the strongest motivational drives is our drive for connection. When you learn how to connect with your child using our nurturing and supportive process, then that connection actually has a physical effect on your child’s brain and brain development.

When you divorce, you are still activating our human drive for connection, most of the time, however, this drive for connection during divorce, is activated negatively. This fuels high conflict and keeps our children stuck in the miserable middle.

We teach you an easy to implement process, to empower you as a parent, and as a coach, you will know exactly how to positively connect with your children and how this directly affects your child’s brain and what you can do to ensure your child’s optimal brain development.

One of the best part about this process is it triggers the mirroring neurons in those around you, as emotions are contagious and you will start to have an affect on EVERYONE including the high conflict parents. It is fantastic and based on scientific brain research, how cools it that?


Listen, not only can we teach you to be the very best coach in the world, but if you don’t know how to take the work out into your community and get clients… well, your greatness won’t matter.

This program includes marketing and sales training that works for THIS business.

Unlike many marketing programs, this marketing and business training is a complete and easy to comprehend and implement. You’ll know exactly how to go out and get clients right away, and you’ll have everything you need to do it, from workshop outlines, to training on how to enroll the best clients in your work and your own personal marketing messages. We are on a mission of course and yet at the same time we are bringing our individual life experience to the mix, and we help you design your co-parenting coaching practice around your marketing message based on your personal experiences.


  • You are earning an income that supports your lifestyle, and gives you the flexibility to create work that supports your life and schedule.
  • Being a part of a global movement for positive change in the way families divorce and co-parent.
  • That through this work you are connected to a like-minded community of people who are passionate about changing the way that co-parenting and divorce is done.

Live Coach Training 2018

There are people in this program who desire to do this full time, and we are working with them to generate full-time income as a conscious co-parenting instructor and coach.

The program addresses the root of a high conflict divorce and quick fix for the symptoms that hold people stuck in a system that does not serve our families.

No matter what your goals are, or how you want to incorporate this training into your life, we work with all of our coaches to create a mindset around sales and marketing that will allow you to embrace your services to people, without ever feeling like a used car salesman.

You’ll learn how to step out of your comfort zone, with loving support, and step into your self-worth and empowerment. We train our coaches to market themselves as a premium service, because the work is, quite frankly, priceless.

Charging premium rates is the secret to creating the flexibility that you desire… to be with your family, raise your children and have time for YOU.

What Makes The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Different?

Two girls

Most other training programs are focused on making children better. So many therapeutic methodologies when dealing with parental alienation and high conflict focus on the kids and their good and bad behavior. This old method supports the old paradigm that children need to learn how to behave through various means of control and punishment. The old mindset that high conflict is a problem with one person, and so one person is responsible for the solution. The truth is it only takes one person learning new skills and ways of being in the world that will model change for those around them.

Our training is focused on the family, and we go deep below the surface to the source of the problem. This means that we believe that when we give parents the tools to learn how to be flexible, and how manage their emotions, and moderate their behavior, and then this creates a strong foundation of problem solving and skill building. Then parents model new behaviors for their children and their high conflict co-parent.

We empower parents AND children.

Ready to apply?

Apply NOW to become a Conscious Co-parenting Coach.


Part 1: The Goal-Become a Conscious Co-Parent

In the first phase of our training program you will work through the Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor Training Course. These 10 modules are the foundation of the work we do here at that Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. You will learn what it takes to be a conscious co-parent. It is our belief that you will be the best co-parenting coach you can be, if you have the experience the entire conscious co-parenting curriculum. The power of this process is that you learn what you will be coaching by experiencing the program first hand. A bonus is that at the end of the first 10 weeks you become a certified instructor and can start teaching classes as you continue your growth and education to become a coach.

In this 10-week section you personally experience the entire process of transformation that you will soon be using with your one on one, clients.

  • Common Approaches and Discipline with Love
  • Understanding the Source of Behavior, Teaching RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY
  • Understanding Limiting Beliefs and How to Shift Them into Empowerment
  • Conscious Communication
  • Positively Influencing Children
  • Reducing Anger and Stress, Resolving Conflict through Cooperation and Love
  • Preparing for Conscious Co-Parenting After Divorce
  • The Family Court System, What You Need to Know and How to Navigate the System
  • Custody Dispute Options in and out of Court
  • From High Conflict to Peaceful Reunification, a Happy Life After Divorce


Part 2: The Method-Become a Conscious Co-Parent
In the second phase of our training program you will work through the Conscious Co-Parenting coaching skills mastery. You will learn skills needed to assist parents and children through the divorcing process. You will learn our proven methods and formulas that Dorcy and our trained coaches have used time and time to assist parents in reuniting with their alienated children, and preventing alienation from taking hold of their families. 


Part 3: Building a Business as a Conscious Co-Parent
In the third phase of training you will learn the proven techniques to build a successful coaching business in your local market. You will discover the proven strategies required to attract the ideal clients, ready to pay for the proven coaching systems that have helped hundreds of families  get out and stay out of the family court system and help parents create conscious co-parenting plans that work. 


Part 4: Leveraging You Business as a Conscious Co-Parent
In the fourth and final phase of coach training you will learn how to leverage your hourly coaching business to creating an evergreen business that moves you from only being able to make money hourly to being able to earn income while you sleep and help a lot more people int he process.  The Conscious Co-Parenting Coach certification program provides a well round program that inspires coaches to create the business and lifestyle they have always dreamed of. 

To learn more about our curriculum, apply to become a co-parenting coach today.

When I embarked on this journey and started the Conscious Co-Parenting institute I had no idea how powerful the process was and why it was so important. I realized I can’t do this alone. And this work is too important for me to even try.

When I struggle through my own high conflict divorce, I started to see patterns of behavior both in myself and my ex-husband that were triggering the two of us to stay stuck in this old way of communicating and not solving problems. Like so many parents going through divorce, I have having a hard time finding the balance of being a mom, working and finding time to just be me.

I knew there had to be a better way, I had learned so much as a top producer in the mortgage industry and had learn from some of the best teaching in life balance, productivity and purpose. I trained with John Maxwell and Todd Duncan and then after my divorce and retirement from the mortgage business I became a certified coach and then a leading Parent Educator and started working with other parents to create more cooperative divorce and connected relationship with their children.

But I noticed that something was missing from so many classes was certified to teach. In my sessions and classes teaching parents, I noticed they could easily say what they wanted in their divorce and co-parenting situation, but somewhere in the process they would get triggered into big emotional outbursts from children, their co- parent, the court and other people and they were having difficulty being consistent in their co-parenting.

This led me to start researching some theories about how we think and why we think and then act the way that we do. I started to see that when we were triggered into emotionally charged reactions that often occur during a high conflict divorce, parents were losing their cool and acting and reacting inappropriately to the current situation. When questioned and assessing the situation, through coaching it became quite clear that these emotional triggers were from things that they learned from their own childhood.

So I went to work in creating, testing and tweaking a process that allows divorcing parents, to transform their old mindset and old ways of being triggered into responding to a new more conscious way of responding with managing their emotions. This process helps parents easily see how these old behaviors were establish and then what to do about it. Another words, process then present day experience through the present and not the unmanaged emotions from the past. The results have been nothing less then amazing.

We go deep into teaching skills that transform all relationships. Skill building with flexible thinking, managed emotions and reasonable responses to unreasonable situation.

The best part is that our children do what we do – not what we say. We hear people say this and yet they don’t follow this belief. They continue to behave poorly and wonder why their children behave just like them.

When we show up differently, then those around us start to show up differently, remember those mirroring neurons? Well everyone has them and emotions are contagious even the positive emotions.

It is time to take a stand for healthy, conscious co-parenting. A stand for showing our children, how to people better people in the world. If you want to stop the cycle of the high conflict divorce then your time is now. Join the Conscious Co-parenting movement and become a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach today. Make a positive difference in the lives of children in your community.

Apply to become a co-parenting coach today!

Once you submit your application, you will be contacted for an enrollment interview. I ask that you really take the time to consider if this is right for you prior to scheduling your call.

On the call, I will spend some time getting to know you and why you want to become a conscious co-parenting coach. I want to spend some time with you and introduce you to the possibilities of bring your work into your community an dhow we will support you in making that happen. We’ll answer all of your questions and then decide with you whether this is the right program for you!

So often we spend time trying to figure things out, wondering how we can make our lives better and find our purpose. The simple truth it there is never a perfect time or the right time. You will know if this is right for you or not when we interview and if not no hard feelings.

This is an investment to your life, your business, your relationships and your future. Not many people have a special bank account with money waiting to find the perfect time or the prefect program to fulfill their mission ad purpose in life. I fund for investing in them selves. I have only met a handful of people, who say they have friends and family that support the vision of their dreams. I am of the mindset that opportunities are every where and it is up to you whether you are willing to seize them and improve your life or make excuses as to why you are not investing in yourself.

We are on a mission to change the way that children experience their parent’s divorce. We are on a mission to keep kids out of the miserable middle. We are on a mission to empower parents with the skills and tools needed to support all the members in their family to reach their highest potential.

Join us today and your life will never be the same.

Welcome to The Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching Certification Program.

I look forward to serving you!


P.S. If you are still struggling with why me? and why now? Let me give you a couple of reasons here…

Reason #1: The Easy to Implement Process.

The system that you will learn to coach your clients is a simple yet powerful process that works. We are the parenting coaching program that provides step by step process that help you assist parents through some of the most challenging parenting situations. 

Conscious Co-Parenting coaches have thriving successful practices, because they have a coaching process that creates lasting, effective change with their clients. This gives you great confidence and the support to go the distance.

Reason #2: Extensive Business Building Training.

As a business coach, and a top producer in the mortgage industry for over 14 years, Dorcy worked with many entrepreneurs and loan officers, who struggled to build a successful business. With easy to implement business systems and process that work, you no longer have to guess whether or not people will want what you have to offer. Your message is clear.

Why spends extra money going through sales and marketing programs when I have already done all the hard work for you. Since we provide you with the templates for you, all you have to do is follow the steps and fill in the blanks. No need to spend the extra money or time trying to figure the hard stuff out.

Reason #3: Accountability and Community

I know how it can be lonely doing this kind of work. As a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach you are a part of our thriving community of like minded leaders creating a positive change and forward motion for divorce families.

Reason #4: Active participation and Support from our Founder and Leader

I am on a mission and I understand that having troops on the ground being a force of change requires ongoing commitment and support from me. I am not going to just give you a certificate of completion and say good luck. No, I am going to be here every step of the way. This program includes ongoing online support as well.

You will have access to all of the training modules so you can go back to each lessons and review as many times as you would like. We also host an annual live coaches and instructors conference where we all get together and we share what is new and how you can continually support each other. This alone is worth its weight in gold. We are creating change together so come and join us…


Apply to become a co-parenting coach today!