Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching Program 

At the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we provide cutting-edge strategies that empower divorcing or separating parents with the skills and tools they need to create a co-parenting/parallel parenting plan where every member of the family is supported to reach their highest potential. To do this, the Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching Program entails:

12 One-On-One Coaching Sessions

....with a Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

Each week you will 'meet' with your coach who is certified and trained in all of our coaching and educational programs. Your coach will guide you through the processes we use to recover authentic children and restore your unbreakable bond.

  • 12 weekly guided one-on-one coaching sessions
  • In-Depth coaching on recovering your authentic child 
  • Parenting strategies to reunite with your children 
  • Personal accountability and implementation strategies 
  • A guided deeper understanding of what you are learning in the classes and how to apply it to your specific situation 

2 Online Programs our Online Campus

Each week you will complete the coursework in your online campus portal. The coursework will be pertaining to the 2 online programs that are best fit for your situation. You will work continuously in your online programs outside of the time you spend with your weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

Enrollment Tuition: $5,000

or 3 easy payments

At the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we provide divorcing or separated parents the skills and tools needed to create Conscious Co-Parenting plans that work!
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Dorcy Pruter

CCPI CEO/Founder

About the Founder

I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute with one big, hairy & audacious goal in mind: to eliminate "Parental Alienation" from the human consciousness! We are determined to end the suffering of all children experiencing an emotional cutoff from a parent after divorce. Dorcy is a formerly alienated child who has ended the suffering for her own father and her siblings. She learned through her own personal journey exactly what it takes to end "Parental Alienation." Dorcy has created several different coaching programs that meets the families needs depending on where they are at in the process. 


I frequently got triggered and lived with a lot of self-doubt

These lessons helped me to figure out my triggers (Decision Forming Incidents) and where my self-doubt was coming from (Fear Based Actions) mostly. It helped me to clean up my side of the mirror. It enforced how I show up in life is what I attract in my life. It has helped me to become a better, happier person in general which will make me a better, happier parent for my children.

This class helps to identify junk from the past and how to clean it up. It helps us to learn how to be present and authentic and show up loving.

Shane Brown

I have two sons, 15 and 17. My oldest son is completely alienated from me, for 19 months. My youngest son still comes but is also alienated. My mother also contributes to the alienation as well as some contribution from my sister. We were alienated from our father about the same age as my children from me. My sister gets angry and denies it, even though I've never even said that's what happened to us. My oldest son will graduate from H.S. in a month and I will not be invited. He won't be 18 until December but no one will tell me where he intends to go to college, if he has a job, etc.

Things have improved with my younger son, for the most part. He will now frequently return my "I love you's" and even accept a hug. Mostly we are getting along better. Tomorrow is a mediation day so he has been really ornery and argumentative. I'm sure it has to do with that, even though he shouldn't even know about it. But it's typical. My ex always amps it up during stressful times for her. I am taking back my deservedness, and not accepting crazy doublespeak. I know my older son still loves me and needs me, but can't escape, yet. We'll get there, even with the split in the extended family.

This class has helped me think about my own part in contributing to the alienation, but it's not so much about me being or doing evil like I have been told so much from my mother and ex, which I absorbed, but about my believing those lies. I now understand the gaslighting and manipulation done to me and our children. I have some compassion for my ex, a lot more for my children and also for myself. I also am firm now that I will not ever give up on my children. I am their parent and they deserve and require me to recover them and help them heal.

Robin Greenlee