Custody Resolution Method

Let’s get your kids back with the strategy and documentation you need and the understanding you deserve.

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Access to the Text Message workshop

that teaches you how to communicate and respond effectively, so you can illustrate your love and responsibility in court.

Twelve (12) months of group calls with Dorcy

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The Custody Resolution Method is a complete custody solution

The Custody Resolution Method is a complete custody solution that gives you wrap-around services to resolve your high-conflict custody battle including education, support, coaching, feedback, and an evidence-driven protocol for documenting your case based on the work of Dr. Craig Childress.

With the Custody Resolution Method, can help you:

  • Settle your case by presenting evidence in an easy to understand format
  • Demonstrate what is happening to your children in a way that even the most stuck and unknowing professionals can understand.
  • Enforce court orders and agreements with a pathogenic parent.
  • Transform your mindset and create the co-parenting situation you and your children deserve.

Claim Your Role as the Chosen Parent

We exist for a particular type of parent, but it doesn’t matter if you…

  • Recently separated from your children or have been for a while.
  • You have a relationship with your ex or are on bad terms.
  • You just got started with a lawyer or have been in a custody battle for some time

What matters is that you:

  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to get your kids back.
  • You have a clear vision for wanting to be in your children’s lives.
  • You are ready to find actual resolution and get out of the court system.
  • You know your ex is high-conflict, and you believe that your children deserve a relationship with both parents.
  • You are willing to be the leader of your family, even if you feel alone, fed up, or burnt-out.

The Custody Resolution Method is a powerful coaching program and software solution that gives you exactly what you need to have resolution and reunification with your children.

When you register for the Custody Resolution Method, you will receive:

An in-depth analysis of the facts of your case using the diagnostic indicators checklist created by Dr. Childress and other tools to determine facts

One year access to our partners co-parenting communication app

Easy to use and follow strategy that lays out what is happening and what to do about so anyone you work with understands what to do

Examples for court orders, if needed, to order a reunification protocol to best suit your family's needs.

One year hosting of your documents in a private OneDrive folder

This program also includes:

Twelve (12) live in-depth, one-on-one co-parenting & custody coaching calls focusing on how to co-parent with a pathogenic parent

Monthly group calls with Dorcy for a full year.

CCPI’s private membership group access for a full year.

Two (2) of our powerful online courses for your needs (like the popular Higher Purpose Parenting class endorsed by Dr. Childress or the Conscious Co-Parenting Course).

Lifetime access to our private Facebook group. 

Let us support you during this challenging time, so you can take care of yourself. And we’ll teach you the strategies you need to get prepared for court and co-parent effectively.

A Note from CCPI Founder, Dorcy Pruter

Pathogenic parents can be some of the most harmful parents on the planet. They psychologically abuse their children and some are completely unconscious and are unaware of how their parenting is harming their children.

The Custody Resolution is a whole program that meets the needs of the divorcing parent that includes not only the organizing your evidence in a meaningful way, it is  also the mindset coaching and then the solution to the problem. We realized that most family law attorneys, judges, and therapists have no idea what the solution is and so they advice unknowing parents with the wrong advice. This simply does not serve the parents, and the children get lost in the system.

The best interest of the child is to have a loving healthy relationship with BOTH parents - when the parents are healthy and not abusing the children. This requires a protocol, that serves all of the members of the family including both parents.

The Custody Resolution Method focuses on a whole family problem and requires and whole family solutions.

The process has evolved over the years and when we have learned new and improved ways of doing things we implement them.

When a child has the freedom to love both parents, they have a greater chance for success in all areas of their lives.

Get supported to create the best outcome for your family now. If you don’t invest in the future wellbeing of your children, nobody will.

We look forward to serving you!

About the Founder

I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute with one big, hairy audacious goal in mind: to eliminate "Parental Alienation" from the human consciousness! We are determined to end the suffering of all alienated children and their beloved parents.

--Dorcy is a formerly alienated child who has ended the suffering for her father and her siblings. She learned through her own personal journey exactly what it takes to end "Parental Alienation." Dorcy has created several different coaching programs that meet the family's needs depending on where they are at in the family court process.