Co-Parenting Custody Consultation

Conscious Co-Parenting Custody Consulting  is a process where we use a mixture of education, mediation, arbitration, and coaching to reduce the amount of conflict that a family is experiencing.


The objective is to help the family transition through the separation process with as little conflict as possible, and if the conflict is already quite high, manage the conflict and help them progress more quickly to a point where they can function on their own. While we acknowledge that Parental Alienation exist and offer many service to help target parents and their children move through the difficulties of Parental Alienation, here at Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we believe that some cases of Parental Alienation can be prevented by taking the necessary steps in the beginning stages of separation and divorce to eliminate the phenomenon of Parental Alienation all together.


The break-up of a family is a tremendously difficult situation, and if one of the parents disengages from, or is unable to adequately perform, their parental role, or if one of the parents attempts to exclude the other from maintaining their role and relationship with the children (parental alienation), the conflict can escalate quickly and become extreme. In these situations, mediation is generally unsuccessful and counseling does not fully address the needs of the family.


In situations of acute or chronic high conflict, co-parenting coordination can be court ordered. This gives the co-parenting coordinator greater authority and empowers him or her to ensure that, for the children’s sake in particular, the level of conflict is reduced and contained. Co-Parenting coordination is suitable for situations where there is interference with parenting time and/or parental alienation, domestic violence or unsubstantiated allegations of violence and abuse, concerns about capacity to adequately care for the children, etc.


Note that while co-parenting coordination has developed as a process to meet the needs of high-conflict situations, parents who are getting along well can benefit from having a co-parenting coordinator in place before there is a ‘bump in the road’ or a particular issue where they reach an impasse. In addition to being available in such a potential situation, the co-parenting coordinator can provide things like mediation, education, referrals to the family therapist, and referrals to family attorneys, whenever they are required.


Although the service seem similar to Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching the solutions may be similar the greatest difference is with coaching involves working with target parents of Parental Alienation or dealing with high conflict divorce and custody battles Conscious Co-Parenting Coordinating involves working with both parents. Some of the issues may be the same however when both parents can work with the same person to achieve a common goal and have a cooperative conscious co-parenting relationship everybody wins most importantly the children.


Conscious Co-Parenting Coordination can either be court ordered or services can be requested prior to going to court or to avoid court all together. Co-Parenting Coordination can serve as the purpose of family mediation. Helping to eliminate high conflict and helping parenting to avoid the pitfalls parental alienation providing solutions and working with both parents to come to an agreement that really does put their children first.

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See instructions in Co-Parenting Coordination Agreement. Upon receiving payment you will be contacted about forms and scheduling an appointment.