A concept based on mediation to ensure a professional, fast and affordable way of divorcing.

 This process is suitable for almost everyone, and we do all that we can to make it a positive experience. This concept was developed in the Netherlands and is currently being deployed all over the world. Here at DivorceHotel, we see your separation not just as the end of your marriage, but also as the beginning of a new phase in your life. 

How to Know You're in the Right Place...

DivorceHotel welcomes everybody who wants to work towards splitting up in a positive way. It’s important that our clients are both able to wish each other a positive and bright new future after divorce, if you can do that, then DivorceHotel could be exactly what you are looking for.

What We Offer...

Our DivorceHotel Mediators will help you in a professional, swift and affordable way, assisting you in the process of getting a divorce. During this process we offer you our range of independent professional experts (such as co-parenting coaches, accountants, brokers, etc.). This way there can be no interference from any prejudiced or perhaps "unprofessional" family members, friends, or other affiliated parties. Some of the goals are to help build bridges between you and your co-parent, giving you the skills necessary to avoid disputes in the future. This process allows for the time and opportunity for you to be heard and supported.

How to Know if This is the Right Fit...

  • Your relationship with your spouse or partner is over. You have decided that it is time to end your relationship and are not sure how to make the transition.
  • You may be feeling vulnerable and fragile. You probably never thought you would be at this point, and now, you may disagree about how to share the children.
  • You want time to breathe and to consider different parenting options.
  • You would like your concerns to be discussed and your declarations read, allowing your children to be the priority.

DivorceHotel Online

Our DivorceHotel Mediators will help you in a professional, swift, affordable and particularly positive way to facilitate your divorce procedure almost entirely online. DivorceHotel online is the world’s most efficient and financially attractive divorce procedure, which will be finalized when both spouses eventually sign their divorce agreement in one of our DivorceHotels. Other than the final signatures, the entire divorce procedure will be processed online.

How to Know if This is the Right Fit...

  • You'd like the flexibility of getting started sooner rather than later.
  • You'd like to fast-track the divorcing process online, in the comfort of your own home without worrying about other's schedules.
  • You'd like to be efficient as possible and start paving the way for your new future, today. 

DivorceHotel Mediation

Our DivorceHotel Mediators will assist you in the process of getting a divorce by providing a professional, swift and affordable service as well as ensuring that the whole process is completed as positively as possible. In addition to our mediators and lawyers, we can offer you (if required) access to our range of independent professional experts (such as co-parenting coaches, accountants, brokers, etc.) This way there can be no interference from any prejudiced or perhaps ‘unprofessional’ family members, friends, or other affiliated parties.

The Procedure...

  1. 1
    Intake. The mediator assesses whether DivorceHotel is right for you at this time and also helps you to understand what further information will be required (for example property and/or pension valuations). Getting this information early on in the process will ensure that you will be able to conclude your divorce in an efficient manner.
  2. 2
    Divorce Procedure. The mediator helps you and your partner work together to find a divorce settlement that works for the both of you – this will happen as you spend two days in one of our luxury hotels.
  3. 3
    Settlement. The mediator finalizes the separation for you and your partner over a weekend, allowing for a quick and positive end to the marriage. You leave DivorceHotel on a new path forward! 

DivorceHotel is the international founder of ‘Divorcing in a positive way.' We regard the separation not only as the end of a marriage but more importantly, the beginning of a new phase in life.

A note from our founder

DivorceHotel Partnership

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute (CCPI) was founded by Dorcy Pruter to meet the needs of divorcing parents wherever they are in the process. CCPI has partnered with DivorceHotel and brings to you the successful "Divorce in a Weekend" model.

Working with both mothers and fathers, as well as attorneys, and therapists, Dorcy has spent over a decade as a Family Reunification Coach, Custody Consultant and Divorce Mediator. She has worked with numerous families, nationally and internationally, garnering positive results.

Five years ago, Dorcy created the Co-Parenting Coach Training Academy where she certifies coaches in the various successful methodologies that meet the divorcing parent needs wherever they are in the process, from mediation to high conflict. Dorcy speaks Nationally and Internationally on the topics of High Conflict Divorce Resolutions, Family Reunification and Conscious Divorce in a Weekend.

DivorceHotel and options like it reflect two positive trends in modern divorce—more couples seeking a cooperative, mutually supportive dissolution to marriage, and more lawyers striving for a problem-solving, rather than adversarial approach to helping couples unwed.

A Divorce in a Weekend

Many couples are not wanting chaos and conflict and have decided that they have simply grown apart and want to stay out of the adversarial court system.

At the DivorceHotel, we take the couple out of the zone where they’re living so we can isolate them from all the influences—the mother-in-law, the new girlfriend, the new boyfriend, etc.

Hotel Arrival

After the initial intake process, you and your spouse arrive at the hotel and are given your own rooms along with a team of trained mediators, therapists and other licensed professionals.

The Settlement

You will cover all aspects from property division, bank accounts, and spousal support. 

Each spouse will receive an hour consultation with a lawyer as well as onsite mediation. The lawyer will draft the final agreement.

The In-Between

If and when tensions get high, or it's time to break, you and your spouse can enjoy the resort pool and/or spa, play a round of golf or relax with a few drinks at the bar. 


When you leave the resort, you will check-out divorced. The destination divorce is an important option emotionally for couples who are wanting to end their marriage in the same way they started it, on a positive, happy and collaborative note.