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As a CCPI Certified Instructor in Wyoming, we offer the CCPI 10 week course as the court ordered requirement for parents going through divorce in our area. I have referred clients into the Custody Resolution Method Coaching Programs, as well as classes we teach locally. Our students continually improve their parenting skills and reduce conflict in their families. I have learned invaluable communication and conflict resolution skills that not only help with my students, they are invaluable in successfully managing all of my relationships. Carrie Strawn-Brighter Horizons Counseling And Conscious Co-Parenting Certified Instructor, Gillette Wyoming

After being alienated from my children for years, I started coaching with Dorcy. Through the work we did together I was able to maintain 50/50 custody of my son, and have fully reunited with my daughter.I have coached several coaching programs from CCPI coaching to completing Higher Purpose Mastery Coaching with Dorcy. In the Fall of 2013, I completed my cross-country solo ride to fight Childhood Obesity. Working with Dorcy and her programs, has improved my relationships and most importantly my relationship with myself. I am currently working on my Co-Parenting Coaching Certification. Jeff Maihack, Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach & Instructor, Sacramento CA

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