We found your missing letter!

Good news! We found a note lost in the mail from your child. Fill out the questions below, and we’ll deliver it to you right away. On behalf of CCPI, we're sending you and your family so much love.

Do you go by Mom or Dad?
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • Mom
  • Dad
When was the last time you’ve seen your son or daughter?
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years
Write your son or daughters name (Write only one child’s name here, even if you have multiple children. If you have multiple children, know that you can fill this out again.)
Describe a challenging part of your current relationship in one word and fill in the blank below. Ex: Frustrating, Annoying, Heart-breaking, Confusing
Describe the best qualities you see in your son or daughter. Write four qualities here, as shown in the example (Examples: playful, loving, wild, and free, cuddly OR sweet, sincere, genuine, and peaceful). Write the word "and" before the fourth quality.
Take a second. Consider a memory you share with your child that you treasure. Think of the time. And fill in the following blanks—What did you do? Select which from the list best matches the memory.
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • I looked down at them in my arms
  • I held their cheeks and kissed them all over their face
  • We were playing hide and seek
  • We were cooking
  • We were playing in the park
  • We were enjoying a meal together
  • We were outside playing catch
  • They asked me for advice
In this memory, what did you say? I said “_______” (Write what you said to your son or daughter)
How did your child respond?
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • Giggled
  • Smiled
  • Sat peacefully
  • Had fun
  • Shared a moment of silence and understanding
  • They were deeply impacted
How did you feel?
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • Grateful
  • Playful
  • Silly
  • Loving
  • Present
  • Calm
If other write your own
What best describes your current situation?
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • I’m a parent in a custody battle
  • I’ve been alienated from my adult child for some time
  • I’m a professional in the co-parenting space
If other write your own
Do you feel it’s your life’s purpose to help other parents like you move through these challenging times?
Please select one
  • Please select one
  • Yes
  • No
  • Other