February 13

Profound Life Lessons from the Lightening Thief


Last Night we went to see the lightning thief. My 11-year-old daughter LOVED the books and begged for her reward for having straight A’s and once again being on the honor roll to go on opening night. I had agreed and then the snow warnings were all over the TV. I had already bought the tickets so off to the movies we went.

I had not read the books so I had no idea what to think. My daughters were excited the theater was packed and the middle school principal was sitting right in front of us with his family. There is always such a natural high about being in a packed theater with kids illuminated with the excitement of a much-anticipated movie from a very popular book.

As a parent, I was elated that my daughter, who always finds something wrong with everything, found a series of books that she can’t put down and talks about constantly. I wondered why she was all abuzz. The book teaches Greek mythology in a fun, exciting way (as a parent you got to love that). My oldest is a chatter box so the entire movie she was sharing what was different what was going to happen next and how cool everything was, proclaiming at the end that this was better than Harry Potter and now her MOST favorite movie ever☺. Learning at this level and her ability to remember Greek mythology with such detail makes me giddy as a schoolgirl, not for the Greek mythology part but for the fact that she is so excited about learning and retaining information she loves. This just solidifies by beliefs in the dire need for a new education system that fosters the healthy growth of the minds of our children to encourage and support the decision to follow their dreams, their natural interest, and talents. Her love of these books allows her to expand and express her creative mind.

The lightning thief is about children that were born to mortal through the procreation with Greek Gods. Percy Jackson and his best friends are a wonderful representation of today’s youth. He has been labeled by the mere mortals, teachers, doctors, and adults has being ADHD and having dyslexia and so he has low self-esteem thinking that there is something wrong with him however feelings bouncing back and forth with thoughts of empowerment (how he speaks out for his mother) to self-loathing. While in a museum learning about the Greek Gods everything that is all mixed up he can now see clearly as he is a half blood a demi-god who means his mother is a mortal and his father is a Greek God. Ahhh and then the true lessons that lie in the beautifully constructed story. I love it when Hollywood gets it right. When they reach out to our youth and instead of selling sex and perfection they are teaching love and the building of self-esteem and empowerment. Teaching lessons of purpose and passion and the very things we struggle with on our journey and that most of us don’t even begin to uncover and become aware of until much later in life. This is a wonderful teaching mechanism to teach the children of today who are feeling restless much earlier what most adults see at typical teenage behavior and phases are really the awakening of these beautiful enlighten souls, the children of today that are ready to pounce into their life purpose with passion and vigor at such amazingly young ages.

Percy finds out that he is a demi-god. In the story, the Gods are forbidden to have any contact with the demigod children so these children are raised without one parent. The bond with the missing parent is displayed through telepathic communication and these demi-gods are all knowing that the other parent exists and loves them. (As a co-parenting coach I work with so many kids that talk of this very same phenomenon. That after they are getting out of the clutches of an alienating parent these children say they know that the missing or alienated parent loves them and that sometimes they thought they could hear them talking to them even though they were not there☺) Percy’s best friend is on crutches and it comes out later that he is half goat and half man, he is Percy’s protector in the real world and even Percy thinks this is ridiculous when he finds out, as his friend has obvious physical limitations. These children are being treated differently and being labeled with things that would in today’s society be looked at as something wrong with them. Something to medicate, or look down upon with either rejection or pity as if they are not good enough creating limiting beliefs for a whole group of children, holding them back creating fear based actions and causing positive forward moving action paralysis. This, of course, has been happening for centuries, which is why so many adults are confused and lost dealing with the inner demons of their own limiting beliefs.

The undertone lesson in the story, which is why I think my daughter, who was born with a cosmetic alteration with her ear and ALL children for that matter who are struggling with some type of negative label that their parents or society has placed on them resonate with the books and now the movie. The lesson is this. That we are unique and special with our physical or mental limitations. That we are All GOD we are all special. We are all here to learn and to grow to teach and be taught. That everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a purpose. We are all here in our own unique and special way. That when we place our limiting beliefs on others and ourselves it holds them back and it also holds us back. What it also teaches is that whatever your limiting beliefs are that are holding you back can be changed at the blink of an eye by becoming aware that they are illusions. That limiting beliefs are just that limiting and just beliefs. EVERY ONE of us has a duty to ourselves and others, to gain clarity around our own limiting beliefs so that we can clear and shift them and free our minds and spirits to do the work we chose to come here to do. To walk in our own greatness and to guide our children to walk in theirs. I teach people in my coaching practice skills, mindset, and easy to implement practices to do this I their own lives. I have to say I was so tickled to see this message to hear it loud and clear. It moved me to tears and at the core of my being to see this consciousness shift displayed through books and movies for kids.

If you have not seen the movie take your children. Use it as a tool to talk about the challenges your children are having in their lives. Use it as a door to open up conversation with your children about their own limiting beliefs. Use it to recognize your limiting beliefs and to be accountable for the limiting beliefs you have placed on your children from lack of awareness or your own fears. This movie or the books are a wonderful, fun tool to open up dialog with your children to connect on a level that is beyond the surface it allows you and your children to open up your minds and your hearts to the possibilities of connecting at new and deeper levels. Solidifying your deep connection to your children and to the world as a whole. AHHHHHHH Now that’s creating good karma and connectedness don’t you think?

To the success of creating healthy relationships.

Create a Magnificent day!



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  1. I had a totally different interpretation of the ending, but I love how books can be interpreted in so many different ways.

  2. I love the book/movie, "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" which is a captivating story that teaches us a powerful life lesson about limiting beliefs. The main character, Percy, starts off with many limiting beliefs about himself and his abilities, but as the story progresses, he discovers his true potential and learns to overcome his self-doubt. This is a reminder that we are all capable of greatness and that we should never let our doubts hold us back. With determination and perseverance, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Thank you, Dorcy for sharing this blog.

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