A 7-Step Process on How to Reunite with Your Adult Alienated Children

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March 4th, 2020 

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Don't miss this world-class training where you will learn the proven strategies to reunite with your adult alienated children even after years of no contact.

Join renowned Reunification Coach and Custody Mentor Dorcy Pruter and hundreds of other parents all committed to breaking through the roadblocks and reuniting with their adult alienated children! 

Imagine what it would mean for you to have your beloved children back in your life. What if you could push the door open to the hearts of your children and create the space for them to fold back into your loving arms once and for all… your children are calling you again and again. Using a proven, repeatable step-by-step process you will learn the skills you need to attract your children back to you.

It's time to learn the proven strategies to recover your children and have the relationship you’ve always imagined! 

This is the ONLY Time Dorcy will be teaching this class live

She will break down exactly how she’s helped hundreds of families recover their alienated children in an easy-to-follow process you can use over and over. It is time to stop hoping and praying that something will change. Instead, create a solid foundation around you so you can take the steps to reconnect.

Dorcy Pruter’s program attracts incredible and smart parents just like you who are ready to do what they need to do to take action to recover their relationship with their beloved children. Many of our former clients who have been exactly where you’re at today have done the work, taken the steps, and recovered their relationships with their children. You’ll get to meet some of the adult children Dorcy has recovered and hear their stories of recovery - and what their parents did to allow for the reunification to take place. These are never before heard or seen stories that will only be available in the training.

If you’re looking to reunite with your adult alienated children in a way you have never dreamed possible, it is time to learn this proven model and create the relationship you have always dreamed of with your children.


Step 1: Resiliency Skills Required to Recover and Reunite with Adult Alienated Children 


Step 3: Unconditional Love is the Magic Elixir to Reunification


Step 5: Increase and Master Your Emotional Intelligence


Step 7: Effective Conscious Communication Skills that Last a Lifetime


Bonus 2: live Q and A Interview where Dorcy will be interviewing two Adult Children 

In this never before seen interview. Dorcy will be interviewing two adult children of alienation who dorcy has guided to reuniting with their beloved "chosen" parent. These two amazing young adults will be sharing with you the messages you need to hear from your alienated children.

These bonus live interview sessions will not be available to the general public and will only be available through enrollment in this class. You will get to ask these young adults questions and hear whats it going on from the child's perspective. You will not want to miss this opportunity.


Step 2 :  End the Suffering with Empathy


Step 4: Navigating the Past Leaving the Pain of the Family Trauma Behind


Step 6: The Powerful Role of The Authentic “Chosen” Parent


Bonus 1-   Overcoming Obstacles


Bonus 3 -  Signed Copy of the Book "Reunited"

When you book is released, Dorcy will personally sign your copy of Reunited and the book will be shipped to you..

This has been a long awaited book and there are additional stories in the book of families sharing how they have implemented the techniques you will learn in this course to reunite with their adult alienated children. 


The primary focus of Dorcy’s work at the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute is solving high conflict custody disputes involving "Parental Alienation." Her goal is to help establish Custody Plans and Co-Parenting Roles that encourage positive relationships between children and BOTH parents.

Working with both mothers and fathers, as well as attorneys, and therapists, Dorcy has spent the last several years as a Family Reunification Coach and Custody Consultant. She has worked on numerous of cases, nationally and internationally, garnering positive results. Dorcy is the creator of the High Road to Reunification a sought after reunification program facilitated in multiple countries through the world

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