Child Custody Solutions

Get prepared for your custody case - the proper way.

It is not always possible to stay out of court.

It is possible to prepare for court, the proper way. 

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following:

  • Conflict over your parenting plan, or contempt from the other parent
  • Threats of going to court from your co-parent, or currently in court
  • A lawyer who does not know how to properly present your case
  • Professionals in your situation who do not understand what is going on
  • A co-parent who is making false allegations
  • Further rejection from your child
  • A judge who is siding with your co-parent, even though you have proper evidence
  • Feeling the need to spend countless hours preparing your case yourself

Achieve the Best Custody Solution

Since there is really not an operational definition of what’s in the best interest of the child, families are left to the opinion and biases of the custody evaluator, and even worse - the courts. This happens for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is because the parents are not prepared. Instead of focusing on what is important (the child) and how to solve complex issues that are frequently present in this family dynamic, they get too busy fighting and pointing out the flaws of the other parent. This will hold parents stuck and keep judges confused on what decisions to make. These cases require a lot of documented proof and evidence, or authentication from witnesses, to prove your case in order to achieve the best-suited situation for your child. Children of divorce are already under considerable emotional stress as it is, and a custody battle makes matters significantly worse. 

"So where do I go from here?" Dorcy has strategically designed a course where she is going to walk you through the steps you need to take to get properly prepared for presenting your parenting plan and custody case in court.

In this course, Dorcy is going to cover:

Module 1

Getting Prepared for Court & Child Custody
  • Preparing for Your Custody Case
  • Hiring The Right Legal Team for Your Case
  • Legal Considerations and Strategies
  • Different Types of Custody Orders and Why They Matter
  • Evidence Evaluation for Your Custody Case

Module 2

 Common Custody Disputes, Tactics, and Mistakes & How to Avoid or Overcome Them
  • Common Custody Concerns
  • Common Custody Tactics
  • "Parental Alienation" vs. Child Abuse
  • Emotional Patterns of Pain
  • Legal Solutions for Assessment and Remedy for Pathogenic Parenting

Module 3

Strategies & Solutions for the Courtroom and Beyond
  • Reunification Strategies That You Can Implement Right Away
  • Resolving Conflict and Creating an Effective Conscious Co-Parenting Plan
  • Making Joint Custody Work Even With A Pathogenic Co-Parent


Dorcy Pruter

I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute to eliminate what so many families suffer from: a cut off between parent and child. For the past decade I have been one of the most sought-after reunification coaches in the world because my goal is to encourage positive relationships and support every member of the family in reaching their highest potential.
Through my personal journey I learned exactly what it takes to end the conflict of divorce and re-establish a healthy & long-lasting bond with your family. I am a formerly alienated child who ended the suffering for my father and siblings, and myself. I am also a divorced conscious co-parent of two daughters and am the wife of a man who was being alienated from his child.

I know what it takes to navigate the court system with a high-conflict co-parent because of my experience and expertise in this high-conflict family dynamic. My belief is different from the family courts: Children deserve and need a relationship with both of their parents. Let us help you get to the place of getting the courts to believe this as well, by bringing to light what is happening in your family and more importantly to your child.