Discover How to Step In as the Bonus Parent in Your New Blended Family

In this free e-book you will discover the secrets to being the best co-parent to your step children by creating the best!


What People Love About "Stepping In" as Bonus Parents

“As a step parent I have always wanted do to what's best for my step kids. This book helped me do just that.”

Julie Harris

“I was not sure this would help me because I am a step dad, however the insights in this  book helped me really  understand my role and be the pest "bonus parent" I could be.”

Robert Marks


What’s Inside the Book?

Step-Parents Secret Weapon to Step-Parenting

Learn the most important skills to being a step-parent. Knowing your role and staying in your lane will help you achieve your goals and create harmony in your home.

Creating a Successful Blended Family

Knowing how to show up as a step-parent can be tricky. In this e-book you will learn the key strategies that create the blended family of your dreams. 

Creating Healthy Bonds in Your Blended Family

Ready to take your blended family to a place of cooperation, fun, and loving connection? Stepping in provides you with the skills you need to create a loving bond.

About the Author

Dorcy Pruter

Dorcy is the Founder and CEO of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and also a step-parent to two amazing step children. Dorcy has learned to create a conscious and cooperative co-parenting dynamic in her family even when there has been conflict and chaos. Dorcy helps divorcing families create solid family bonds, cooperation, and connection through creating conscious co-parenting plans that work.

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