Communication for Reunification Workshop


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Led by leading reunification coach, Dorcy Pruter, this workshop will equip you with practical tools and strategies to help rebuild your relationship with your children.

Register and get the opportunity to be one of three participants to role-play your specific situation with Dorcy herself on day two of the workshop!

Communication for Reunification Workshop

Is your child not responding to your messages? Do you fear that your child will never want to see you again? Over the course of three days, you'll learn the essential communication techniques to attract your authentic child back. This workshop will equip you with the tools you need to overcome the challenges and barriers faced in this process. 

Day 1

Communication for Reunification

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH, 2023 at 3pm PST | 5pm CST | 6pm EST

Day 2

Role-play with Dorcy

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2023 at 3pm PST | 5pm CST | 6pm EST

Day 3

Live Q&A

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH, 2023 at 3pm PST | 5pm CST | 6pm EST

You’ll Gain:

Experience LIVE sessions with Dorcy presenting the do's and don’ts when texting and communicating with your kids.

I’m Dorcy Pruter

Welcome loving parents!

I’m Dorcy Pruter, the Founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, a Dorcy Inc. Company, providing reunification coaching, co-parenting education, and parental alienation solutions for parents and children to reconnect, or stay connected, during and after a high-conflict divorce.

Years of personal and professional experience have taught me that the bond between a parent and child is never broken. I am a formerly alienated child who ended the suffering for my father and siblings. I am also a divorced conscious co-parent of my two daughters and the wife of a man who was being alienated from his children. I created CCPI with one simple and bold mission - to end “parental alienation” everywhere for everyone.

Because you are here, you’re ready to take the next step, so be sure to reserve your spot for our LIVE workshop.