Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Programs

Conscious Co-Parenting Online Course

This course is an all-inclusive co-parenting program, which meets and exceeds court-ordered requirements for co-parenting/parenting classes. Guidance, skills, tools, and more.

Reunited Online Course

Learn exactly what it takes to reunite with your ADULT alienated child in this step-by-step process. Even if there's been years of no contact, this program will help guide you on how to attract your adult child back. 

The Power to Overcome Obstacles & Challenges

Overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back. Learn how to write your own success story. This course teaches you proven strategies to get past whatever's keeping you stuck.

Higher Purpose Parenting Online Course

This course will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Learn how to uncover your purpose as a parent, to win back your confidence & reunite with your child. Learn to experience inner peace and empowerment.

Healing from Emotional Trauma Online Course

We all have past trauma that we carry throughout our lives. Few people learn how to let that pain go & end up staying stuck. This course will teach you how to heal from this trauma so you can move forward in all areas of your life.

Custody Resolution Method Coaching & Consulting Program

Are you in a contentious custody battle? This wrap-around program provides you with the robust court prep, mindset, and the tools you need to empower your legal team to present your evidence properly in court. 

Co-Parenting Coaching Program

Work weekly with a dedicated coach who is certified and trained in all of our coaching & educational programs. You will be guided through the processes we use to recover authentic children and restore your unbreakable bond, and to become a conscious co-parent.

Chosen Parent Collective Support Group Membership

Get real-time access, tips, & hot-seat, group coaching from Dorcy Pruter, each month! Be amongst a group of parents, all learning how to take back their role, rebuild the connection with their child, and how to co-exist with a high-conflict co-parent. + Bonus support & a community forum.

The High Road to Reunification Workshop

This four-day intensive coaching & educational workshop provides you and your child(ren) a safe & loving environment where you will learn how to move forward into the new family paradigm. Whole family problem, whole family solution. This program requires a court order. See details below.

Child Custody Solutions Online Course

Learn the steps & tools you need to take to get properly prepared for presenting your parenting plan and custody case in court. Immense knowledge, tips, tools, and resources for you to design a robust legal strategy.

Foundations Online Informational Mini Course

In this complimentary online course, clinical psychologist Dr. Craig Childress (PsyD) explains the pathology of child psychological abuse and pathogenic parenting amongst alienated families.

Reconnect: The Alienated Parent's Reunification Roadmap

Brand new program launching in January with Dorcy Pruter who will be guiding and coaching a group of parents through each step in the roadmap so they can recover their relationship with their alienated child.