What Would Dorcy Do?

The series where Dorcy goes in-depth on various topics, to share what it is that she would do in those situations.

Latest Episode

Catch Dorcy's latest episode in her series of What Would Dorcy Do? where she goes over 5 things you can do to take control of your custody situation so you can reframe the narrative, and shift from blame to empowerment. Take a look at her brand new course, Child Custody Solutions

Accusations from your child

Threats from an alienated child.

Boundaries in this family dynamic.

Talking to your child about their other parent's behavior.

The drama triangle...

Let's talk about therapists in this family dynamic.

Reuniting with your kids who have cut you off.

Deservingness around being rejected....

Single case ABAB design

Strategies on how to frame challenges and struggles.

Building resiliency skills.

Awareness around the dynamic typically known as "Parental Alienation" 

Heal your trauma for good.

Mother's Day for Alienated Mothers

Mindset Matters

Cleaning up your side of the mirror