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Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

The most valuable part of this certification program was learning how to put together a business, making me write it down so I see it in black and white, making the commitment real, meeting the other coaches and sharing ideas and
learning the steps to be a masterful coach. I would recommend this program to others because you definitely get your money’s worth. It pushes you at the right level. Encourages you as you work. Forces you to do the work and get out of your comfort zone. I also found it helpful to have other coaches to bounce ideas off of. I would not want to go through this program alone and I never felt that way. Since working through this program I have noticed a change in the way I view my potential to make a difference. I have never been part of something so great and I finally feel I have a purpose. I am anxious to really get coaching and helping other parents see their potential. I feel I have a great business model to grow into and have much more to offer than just a teaching career. I love working with kids and families and this is such a great opportunity to do that.

Emily Kreklau Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

The program is excellent. I believe it fully equipped me, not just as a coach but also as a business owner. I found that if I averaged about six hours of work a week I could complete the course in a little over four months this was a good time frame for me.

The change for me since working with this program is I have a greater sense of purpose. I believe that helping parents and children to reunite is my life’s purpose. Being equipped with the business strategies and coaching skills I needed, I now feel confident that I can use my education and experience to help people reunite.

I have more confidence moving forward. I believe that I can tackle the challenges that come my way. I believe I have a strong support system in Dorcy and other coaches. I know that If I need something they will be there for me. I also know that I can help other people and I’m excited not only to help my clients but also help train other coaches.

Barb Shroeder Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

I would absolutely recommend this program to others.

The comprehensive and meaningful content will prepare anyone with the core personality, passion, and characteristics needed for this work, to QUICKLY jump in and be successful. It is a way to kick-start your passion for rescuing children and families from abuse, and make a lasting impact on people's lives!

If you were meant to do this type of work, Dorcy's program is the ONLY OPTION TO CONSIDER! Go with the best!

Wow, Dorcy has a passion and skill level rarely possessed by one person. She clearly loves training and empowering people to exceed their highest expectations. Her love for those she engages with is evident and is matched only by her dedication to excellence in herself, and others.

This is hard work, full of landmines, and Dorcy navigates the serious challenges and endless possibilities elegantly. There is a concept in scripture of INTERWOVEN Truth & Grace. Without either, both are less meaningful. Likewise, Dorcy's interwoven message DIRECTLY CONFRONTS serious issues that many people run from, while jointly, lovingly, painting a picture of hope, promise, and a better way to be in a relationship with one another.

She is a unique individual that impacts the lives of all those she comes into contact with.

In addition to the easy answer of an incredible amount of valuable content, the most impacting aspect has been the relationships with those also doing this work, both Dorcy and others.

This has personally changed and increased immensely my already burning passion to impact the lives of others and make a lasting difference in their lives. I feel more humbled, emboldened, courageous, and prepared to tackle the battles ahead and care for the hearts, minds, and souls of those I will impact.

Bryan Hale Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach


Custody Resolution Method


My daughter didn't want anything to do with me, when we had such a loving relationship before. I wanted to give up, until I found Dorcy. I was also advised to wait around for my daughter to just come around someday and I am so glad I didn't do that and instead took action. I got the court to see what was actually happening to hold my co-parent accountable. Because of the CRM, the judge finally understood exactly what was happening in our family and we got ordered into the High Road program where I reunited with my daughter in a matter of days. My co-parent learned skills in the last phase of the program and I also learned how to show up differently which makes all the difference in the court system and with your child. I got my one and only daughter back, and she has a loving relationship with both of us now and is thriving socially, academically, and emotionally. I am so glad I did not give up and 'wait around' for my daughter to come around or we would have missed out on years of a loving relationship. Both programs changed my life and most importantly my daughter's. If you feel the urge to give up, please don't. Your children need you.

Alex Steadman

I frequently got triggered and lived with a lot of self-doubt. These lessons helped me to figure out my triggers (Decision Forming Incidents) and where my self-doubt was coming from (Fear Based Actions) mostly. It helped me to clean up my side of the mirror. It enforced how I show up in life is what I attract in my life. It has helped me to become a better, happier person in general which will make me a better, happier parent for my children. This class helps to identify junk from the past and how to clean it up. It helps us to learn how to be present and authentic and show up loving.

shane brown


High Road to Reunification


Grateful Dad

Hi Dorcy, I'm walking upstairs and see the attached list that our son had forgotten on the shoe rock. It says "child 2.0." 

Our son just turned 16 and conversation with him are amazing! In fact, stepmom and I fight over who gets to drive him to school in the morning. 

Yesterday, he was telling me about his way of thinking now and how he's really grown. He's taking three AP classes and the rest are honors. This him talking:

I look back at my one AP class from last year and it seems so easy in comparison the ones this year. So I said to myself, even though these seem impossible, next year I bet these are going to seem easy as well. So with that mindset, I've been able to learn to love and excel at all of those classes. In fact, the paper I worked on last night was super difficult at first and lots of kids did spark notes instead of actually reading it, but for me, I got through the whole book and it was a joy to write the paper the more time I spent on it. I wish I knew these lessons last year he said.

Last night, he had another paper for a teacher that's very particular about what she wants and he was struggling to figure out what she liked. He facebooked four or five seniors who have taken that class under the "smartest people I know" group name he created and got them to explain the assignment and look over his work. He also got kids' input on his first article that he was writing for our local paper.

It really is child 2.0 as he described himself. He's branching out and connecting with peers and that's causing him to grow in more ways than we could have ever imagined. He's seeing what other people are doing and learning from their experiences. He's no longer the "smartest know it all in the world" that he was when we were in court. He's a kid that's growing and adjusting and open to suggestions.

I absolutely love it and what a blessing to see him loving what he does and taking pride in his work. He's the happiest and sweetest I've seen in a very, very, very long time. Thank you, Dorcy!


Grateful Dad and Family

Robin Greenlee

I have two sons, 15 and 17. My oldest son is completely alienated from me, for 19 months. My youngest son still comes but is also alienated. My mother also contributes to the alienation as well as some contribution from my sister. We were alienated from our father about the same age as my children from me. My sister gets angry and denies it, even though I've never even said that's what happened to us. My oldest son will graduate from H.S. in a month and I will not be invited. He won't be 18 until December but no one will tell me where he intends to go to college, if he has a job, etc.

Things have improved with my younger son, for the most part. He will now frequently return my "I love you's" and even accept a hug. Mostly we are getting along better. Tomorrow is a mediation day so he has been really ornery and argumentative. I'm sure it has to do with that, even though he shouldn't even know about it. But it's typical. My ex always amps it up during stressful times for her. I am taking back my deservedness, and not accepting crazy doublespeak. I know my older son still loves me and needs me, but can't escape, yet. We'll get there, even with the split in the extended family.

This class has helped me think about my own part in contributing to the alienation, but it's not so much about me being or doing evil like I have been told so much from my mother and ex, which I absorbed, but about my believing those lies. I now understand the gaslighting and manipulation done to me and our children. I have some compassion for my ex, a lot more for my children and also for myself. I also am firm now that I will not ever give up on my children. I am their parent and they deserve and require me to recover them and help them heal.

ewan mcewan

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