Higher Purpose Parenting

Win back your confidence and reunite with your child. Experience inner peace, empowerment, and joy.

Are you struggling to reconnect
with your child?

Do you feel discouraged and powerless when it doesn’t work?

Do you feel like you’ve changed for the worse?

These are normal emotions to be feeling when you’re
experiencing a disturbance in your family dynamic - when you have been 'alienated' from your beloved child. It is not only
your child’s behavior that has changed, but also yours. 

That is why Conscious Co-Parenting Institute believes in a more
holistic approach to solving the conflict in your family. We call it an inner-transformational method. In order to
stay strong and show up as the loving parent for your child, you
have to learn how to remove your subconscious negative

And here’s how...

Higher Purpose Parenting Will Guide You With:

Nine impactful video lessons combined with weekly companion worksheets. Includes 
lifetime access to recorded classes, and our online support community.

  • Get the inward approach that gives you the power
    to push through the challenges you’re facing and
    end the suffering of your family
  • Resurface the unbreakable bond between you and
    your child
  • Create positive, lasting results 
  • Experience true harmony in your family dynamic

Lifetime Access for $1497

Here's everything you get in this course: 

Module 1:

The Lower Self Reward System and Alienation:

Reconnect with your consciousness and bring yourself back into alignment with who you really are.

Module 2:

How to Attract Your Child Back to You VS. Fueling Alienation:

Recover your child and secure that sacred bond you have with them. You’ll be provided a step by step attraction plan which will guide you through this process.

Module 3:

How Your Alienation Story Begins and Ends With You:

Learn how to clean up your repressed emotions or shortcomings - your side of the mirror. We will do a deep dive into relationship skills that will have your child’s heart melting into yours.

Module 4:

How You Show Up and its Impact on Reunification:

Discover how your unconsciousness is holding you stuck in a negative relationship pattern. Learn how that can be resolved quickly so you don’t have to play the same stories in your family.

Module 5:

How Your Unconscious Beliefs are Holding Your Alienated Child at Bay and What To Do About it:

Learn how your childhood has impacted your true self and how your belief in failure is keeping you stuck. Understanding this dynamic will help you shift from allied to authentic.

Module 6:

How Your Family History Has Set You Up For Failure and Prevents You From Recovering Your Children:

In this module, you’ll learn about suppression and how damaging it can be. We’ll explore how and why we’re suppressing things in our own lives and how to shift out of that quickly.

Module 7:

How Your Anger, Sorrow, and Expectations are Harming You and Your Children:

Learn how to transform your anger and the anger of your child’s other parent. Discover how self pity shows up and how you can shift out of those negative expectations.

Module 8:

How to Heal Your Heart to Recover Your Child's Heart and Fully Reunite:

Get the proven techniques on how to heal your heart and the hearts of your family. Learn the appropriate forgiveness techniques to forgive yourself, your child and your ex.

Module 9:

Embracing Your Power as a HIGHER PURPOSE PARENT:

Get clear on your role as the chosen parent. Discover why and how you’re the chosen parent and what you’re going to do to become the anchor for your child.

Ready to Get the Most Out Of Your Relationship With Your Child?

  • Focus on yourself first and gain the unconditional
    love you need to approach any situation with
  • Restore alignment in your own consciousness so
    you can lead by example for your family and child
  • Use these proven methods to reconnect fully and
    more deeply than ever before
  • Allow yourself to live in harmony and positivity

Lifetime Access for $1497


“This class has helped me think about my own part in contributing to the alienation, but it's not so much about me being or doing evil like I have been told so much from my mother and ex, which I absorbed, but about me believing those lies. I now understand the gaslighting and manipulation done to me and our children. I have some compassion for my ex, a lot more for my children and also for myself. I also am firm now that I will not ever give up on my children. I am their parent and they deserve and require me to recover them and help them heal.”

- Robin


“I feel so empowered from this class! I see that my entire world is changing. I was able to listen to my children and understand the anger towards me. They got sick of me being a victim. And now I own up to my fears and I'm not afraid of losing my kids and that is attracting them back to me.”

- Jennifer


“My two oldest kids came to visit this past weekend after months!! My youngest wants to live with me primarily and is now able to come forward in a modification without paralyzing fear from dad!”

- Lena


“Amazing how this work can be applied to all aspects of life. Higher Purpose Parenting rocks!”

- Emily