Custody Resolution Method

Get out of the courts with the preparation you need and the understanding you deserve.

Are you tired of the endless cycle of family court?

Here's the Reality

  • Conflict will continue to worsen when parents have trouble navigating a high-conflict co-parenting relationship
  • For cases that involve a parent-child cutoff, most attorneys aren't equipped with how to present the case to a judge 
  • Parents will find themselves in court for far longer than necessary when they continue to work with an attorney or attorneys who do not know how to properly present their case
  • An unprepared case will cause confusion in the judge, especially when there are false allegations
  • Professionals will err on the side of caution, so if you are being falsely accused you will want to ensure you are as best prepared as possible
  • The court system will wreak havoc on families when they don't know who to side with, making orders for a family that are not actually in the child's best interest
  • Children get caught in the battle field of the adult conflict the longer court is going on
  • Working with professionals who aren't understanding of emotional cutoffs, keep the family stuck in a divided state 
  • Continuing with the same legal strategy, that hasn't worked, will worsen the situation and hold families stuck

"how do I know if this program is for me?"

Is Your Co-Parent:

  • Making false allegations, from minor to even severe, that have been unfounded? 
  • Using your child as a weapon and interfering with your parenting time?
  • Getting friends, family, and even professionals to ally with them in their false narrative that you are a bad parent or person?
  • The one the court is letting get away with being in contempt, so you are left with spending all of your limited free time getting properly prepared to highlight to the judge what is actually happening--that you have no time to focus on how to repair the relationship with your child?

If this is happening to you, you are most likely dealing with a pathogenic co-parent, who likely will be, or already is, relentless in court -- and is causing psychological harm to your child. Unfortunately:

The family court system isn't set up to solve a mental health crisis, which may require protecting and recovering your children from the fallout of the actions of the pathogenic co-parent. 

+ Legal and therapeutic professionals do not typically understand what is really going on with a pathogenic co-parent, or what to do about it. Even worse, if you are dealing with a custody evaluator, they may be trained to not "label" parents and so they ignore the child psychological abuse happening to your child. 

+ Many professionals are bogged down with the confusion of "parental alienation" not being a real pathology and so the family stays stuck in the straw-man argument instead of focusing on the facts of the case and what is actually happening in the family: child psychological abuse.

+ Pathogenic parents become elevated in this position that the court is 'siding' with them, so they continue their campaign of denigration, resulting in continuously getting what they want, and your child becomes more and more cutoff because of this.

We have a solution to help.

This is exactly what the Custody Resolution Method supports you with - to help RESOLVE these complex family issues.

It takes A LOT of time, energy, and resources to get prepared for a complex custody case. It can take hours on end to compile and organize your evidence, try to get your legal team to properly understand the issues at hand, and all while trying to navigate the most pressing issue: being cut off from your child and dealing with a high-conflict co-parent. 

The Custody Resolution Method (CRM) is a powerful coaching and consulting program that both gives your evidence meaning and guides you towards reunification. It helps to shift you out of a complex custody battle to a conscious co-parenting arrangement--that supports every member of your family to reach their highest potential.  

This program is a wrap-around program inspiring you to take constructive and proactive action: the action you need to take so you can get out of the "he said/she said" adversarial family-court system, by empowering you with the skills and tools you need to get you out of the dysfunctional court system and back to being a parent to your children.

The CRM was designed to help you get back to focusing on repairing your family, since we do the hard stuff for you.

  • Get out of the court system, with your children at heart. 
  • Save endless legal fees and more importantly your time.
  • Learn strategies that resolve conflict rather than perpetuate it.

Experience this proven methodology with a fully supportive system that includes the coaching you need, and the solution you deserve. We're on your team, for you and your child.

  • The Custody Resolution Method is an investment in your life, your relationships, and your future. Our focus on the impact on the children sets us apart from other companies working with families going through a complex custody situations, who focus on the parents, and a win/lose mindset. 
  • As a matter of fact, it is an investment in your children’s mental health and well-being. This program is the answer to what so many people are struggling with in the family court system— the system, clearly, does not understand pathogenic parents and most importantly the impact pathogenic parents have on the children.
  • Mental health professionals and custody evaluators who are not trained in assessing and diagnosing the pathology plague families going through the legal process and are unaware of complexities of pathogenic parenting. While it is not your job to educate the mental health professionals, we can work with the evaluators and therapist(s) to assist them in understanding the symptoms they are reporting and identify the solutions.
  • NOW you can present your entire case easily and quickly with accurate, factual evidence. You can assist the mental health and legal professionals with showing them what is happening and why versus trying to get them to understand in your words or trying to get them to understand the work of Dr. Childress.
  • What sets us apart from other companies is we focus on the impact that pathogenic parenting has on the child; shifting the parents and professionals out of the finger pointing he said/she said of the family court, and back to focusing on what the actual problem is, and what to do about it. You can get started now and get supported with the valuable training in the private membership site right away.

This program has 4 key components with life-changing results:

1:1 Coaching and Team

Support from the CCPI team, so you can be heard and understood. Your coach will guide you towards reunification and co-existence with your co-parent.

An understanding and educated ear to support YOUR well-being.

All the Evidence You Need

Documented and put into a streamlined timeline and case overview that lays out the problem and SOLUTION in an easy to understand format. We have collaborated closely with Dr. Childress and the method he has brought forward to analyze the family dynamic based on the symptoms of the child.

Get the court to finally understand, and thus intervene effectively.

Direct Support of Your Legal Team

Collaboration with your lawyer to support them to wrap the law around the evidence and present findings to the judge in a way they can solve it.
Consultation from those who understand this dynamic to it's core.

Courses to Support You

Access to courses suited for your needs through our online campus. The coursework is suited for parents experiencing the complexities of conflict and trauma surrounding divorce.

Heal from past trauma; learn how to move forward; and thrive again.

What’s next if I want to explore this further and talk to a person in real time to see if it’s a good fit for me?

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What are the objectives?

  • Present the relevant evidence that is easy-to-understand for the court, to show exactly what is happening to your child(ren).
  • Get the court to finally understand, and thus intervene effectively.
  • Enforce court orders and agreements with a pathogenic parent.
  • Utilize your court-presentable facts and evidence, assisting your lawyer in wrapping the law around the complex family issues 
  • Chronological documentation: the unique process makes creating a chronology of events easy to understand by bringing to light the patterns in your family. A win for you: No more long hours trying to create this on your own.
  • Map out key client and witness testimony to identify holes and inconsistencies in the evidence they have presented
  • Credible evidence: showing an accurate and full sequence of events that demonstrates the impact on the child.
  • Create a visual representation of your case that is easy to understand.
  • Filter events by a variety of factors, so that you can narrow your focus when trying to identify or present key issues.

What resources will I receive and what is the process?


✓ Twelve (12) live in-depth, one-on-one co-parenting & custody coaching calls focusing on how to co-parent with a pathogenic parent and how to rebuild the relationship with your child.

Initial intake call to discuss what evidence is needed, next steps and moving forward.

✓ Immediate access to two (2) of our powerful online courses--tailored to your specific needs (like the popular Higher Purpose Parenting class endorsed by Dr. Childress, or Reunited for parents who also have adult children)

Lifetime access to the private Facebook


  • Once enrolled we will schedule your onboarding call to discuss the kind of data that is relevant, and what data you have to support what is going on in your family.
  • Organize and analysis of the facts of your case. We will review & organize the facts, identify areas of concern and guide you and your professional team to solutions that best suit your family.
  • Provide narrative of your case based on the meaningful data output so you know how to properly express, explain, and communicate your situation. Identified  symptoms in the children based on the work of Dr. Childress.
  • Final case review. Case organization and presentation based on the review of the documents and chronology and suggest how it can be organized to present to professionals and to the courts, the impact of pathogenic parenting based on the  symptoms in the child.
  • We will provide a professional consultation with you and your lawyer once this process has finished to review what was brought out by the data, and how to implement it in your case presentation to the court.
  • Provision for court orders, if needed, to order a protective separation, reunification protocol to best suit your family's needs.
  • Our unique process is only available through the Conscious Co-parenting Institute based on our research, collaboration, and authorization from Dr. Childress to use his methods and checklist.
  • Due to our collaboration with Dr. Craig Childress, one of the leading experts in complex trauma and pathogenic parenting surrounding divorce, if it is determined that his expert testimony would be needed or desired, we can provide information to your lawyer to contact him for consultation and preparation for expert testimony. (The testimony of Dr. Childress is NOT included in the program and would be an add-on service)

Hear What Some Other CRM Parents Are Saying

A Note from CCPI Founder, Dorcy Pruter

What parents and professionals often miss is that what is causing children to reject parents, is not what they think it is. Most professionals get caught up on their confirmatory biases and miss the opportunity to properly assess the family situations, which are so important in making realistic decisions and obtaining effective court orders and solutions. The Custody Resolution Method is a wrap-around program that meets the needs of the divorcing parent that includes not only compiling, assessing, and organizing the evidence, but also providing meaning that demonstrates what is happening to your family and what to do about it. It is also the mindset coaching which often is the key to the solution to the problem and can often prevent the need for a full blown protective separation and change of custody.

We realized that most family law attorneys, judges, and therapists have no idea what is happening or what the solution is, so they advise parents to accept agreements that don't fully solve the problem. This simply does not serve the parents, and the children get lost in the system. Children deserve to have a loving, healthy relationship with BOTH parents - when the parents are healthy and not abusing the children. This requires a protocol, that serves all of the members of the family including both parents.

At Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we are all about integration, not elimination. We understand in cases of child abuse, that you must first protect the child; then educate and rehabilitate the parents; and recover the children and reintegrate with parents. Children benefit from relationships with both parents and the deserve to have healthy parents.  When a child has the freedom to love both parents, they have a greater chance for success in all areas of their lives. Get supported to create the best outcome for your family now. If you don’t invest in the future wellbeing of your children, nobody will. We look forward to serving you.

Dorcy Pruter

About the Founder:
I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute to eliminate what so many families suffer from: a cut off between parent and child. For the past decade I have been one of the most sought-after reunification coaches in the world because my goal is to encourage positive relationships and support every member of the family in reaching their highest potential.
Through my personal journey I learned exactly what it takes to end the conflict of divorce and re-establish a healthy & long-lasting bond with your family. I am a formerly alienated child who ended the suffering for my father and siblings, and myself. I am also a divorced conscious co-parent of two daughters and am the wife of a man who was being alienated from his child.

I know what it takes to navigate the court system with a high-conflict co-parent because of my experience and expertise in this high-conflict family dynamic. My belief is different from the family courts: Children deserve and need a relationship with both of their parents. Let us help you get to the place of getting the courts to believe this as well, by bringing to light what is happening in your family and more importantly to your child.