Custody Resolution Method

Get out of the courts with the documentation you need and the understanding you deserve.

If you’re here, we know what you’re going through. On behalf of the whole CCPI family, our hearts are with you.

We’ve supported countless families to get out of the court system and regain their sanity, so they could create the family dynamic their children (and they) deserve.

- Here's What We Know -

SEPARATION IS DIFFICULT, especially with children involved and a co-parent that's toxic.

Unfortunately, in these situations money can be wasted in courts, and what's worse is the end result that your child might not have the supportive environment he or she most needs to thrive.

Your relationship with your children is the top priority. The court system can wreak havoc on families and relationships, so let us help you get out of the system.

How to know if you're dealing with a toxic co-parent:

Is your co-parent —

  • LYING & MANIPULATING the professionals and the court?
  • ALIENTATING your child/children from you?
  • TAKING EXTREME ACTIONS and reactions towards you as the divorce and separation continue?
  • DO YOU KEEP ON GIVING AND GIVING to keep the peace - and yet the peace never comes?

If these sound familiar you are most likely dealing with a high-conflict co-parent.

++ And the most difficult thing is the system isn't set up to support you here.  Legal and therapeutic professionals do not always understand what is really going on with a high-conflict co-parent or what to do about it.

  • When you are dealing with a high-conflict person, it is vital to PROTECT yourself, and your children. 
  • High-conflict parents have predictable patterns of problematic behavior that can be measured and tracked.
  • They frequently overreact to situations with "all-or-nothing" thinking; have unmanaged emotions (anger, rage, and uncontrollable sadness); exhibit extreme behaviors (domestic violence, making false allegations, spreading rumors, abusing children, alienating children, hiding children, hiding money, etc.); and are preoccupied with blaming others.

We have a solution to help.

This is exactly what the Custody Resolution Method supports you to RESOLVE, for the good of all involved.

The Custody Resolution Method is a powerful coaching program and software solution to your high-conflict custody battle. This program gives you what you need to take you out of the legal back and forth. It takes out the "he said/she said" court battle that you often find yourself in with a high-conflict parent. It gets you out of the dysfunctional court system and back to being a parent to your children.

  • Get out of the course system, with your family at heart
  • Save endless legal fees.
  • Support the health of you and your family.

Experience this proven methodology with a fully supportive system that includes the coaching you need, and the representation you deserve. We're always on your team, for you and your child.

The Custody Resolution Method is an investment in your life, your relationships, and your future.

As a matter of fact, it is an investment in your children’s mental health and well-being. This program is the answer to what so many people are struggling with in the family court system— the system, clearly, does not understand the high-conflict parents and so often never sees the whole picture.

NOW you can present your entire case easily and quickly with accurate, factual evidence.

You can get started now and get supported with the valuable training in the private membership site right away.

This program has 4 key components with life-changing results:

1:1 Coaching and Team

Support from the CCPI team, so you can be heard and understood. We'll help you and your kids get out of court.

PLUS an understanding and educated ear to support YOUR well-being.

All the Evidence You Need

Documented and put into a streamlined timeline and case narrative.

Done with you, at every turn.

Direct Support of Your Legal Team

Collaboration with YOUR lawyer to support them to wrap the law around the evidence and present findings to the judge in a way they can solve it.
All with your current legal team.

Courses to Support You

Four experiences and the community

to help you heal from loss, parent your children, and thrive again.

What’s next, if I want to explore this further and talk to a person in real time to see if it’s a good fit for me?

Here’s exactly what you can expect when you click on the button to explore getting the support you need, right now.

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What tools will I receive?

  • Settle your case by presenting overwhelming patterns of behavior in an easy to understand timeline.
  • Get the court to understand and intervene effectively.
  • Enforce court orders and agreements with a Pathogenic Parent.
  • Court presentable facts and evidence that cannot be altered.
  • Chronological documentation: the unique digital timelines makes creating a chronology of events easy to do. No more long hours trying to create this document.
  • Credible evidence: showing an accurate and full sequence of events

The goal, of course, is for the digital timeline to be so accurate and easy to comprehend that parents will agree to settle out of court after seeing the patterns of their own behavior. The ultimate responsibility lies with the lawyer and the parent in presenting their case in the most accurate and organized manner.

What resources will I receive and what is the process?


✓ Twelve (12) live in-depth, one-on-one co-parenting & custody coaching calls focusing on how to co-parent with a pathogenic parent and what you need to do to get prepared for court

✓ Access to the private membership site for a full year

Initial evidence collection intake call

✓ Access to the popular Higher Purpose Parenting class endorsed by Dr. Childress

✓ Access to the 10-Week Online Conscious Co-Parenting Course

Lifetime access to the private Higher Purpose Parenting Facebook group


  • Case organized by CCPI Staff. Review of your uploaded and scanned electronic files into the digital timeline account (up to 250 files). The CCPI Behavioral Pattern Analysis team works with you to input the documents and group them by categories to draft the digital timeline. 
  • Create initial timeline to demonstrate the patterns of behavior in your case and sort to show the three diagnostic indicators in the child's behaviors, as well as the behaviors of both parents to determine who is causing the child's symptoms.
  • Organize files by setting event dates, tagging and placing them into a customized folder structure to demonstrate the patterns commonly seen in families suffering from complex trauma post divorce.
  • Create initial outline of a storyline narrative by our team, as well as a family code report, from a properly trained family systems therapist, written just for you.
  • Final case review. Case organization and presentation by CCPI. Dorcy and her team review the case documents and timeline and suggest how it can be organized to present patterns of behavior to professionals and to the courts. This is done through professional consultation with you and your lawyer to provide suggestions based on timelines created in Behavioral Pattern Timelines (Two 1-hour consults). 
  • We take your case to the next level by anchoring your evidence in research and case law that supports your evidence. Our library includes hundreds of articles, research papers, and case studies. We know what is needed to support your evidence. This alone will save you hundreds of hours of research - and thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  • Provision for court orders, if needed, to order a reunification protocol to best suit your family's needs.
  • One year hosting of your documents and timelines ($600 per year thereafter)

++ Clear, Secure, On-going, Available Support

Once we complete your timelines, you will have access to the digital timeline for a full year so you can continue to add to your evidence folders and digital timelines. After the initial timeline, you can get on-going support from your CCPI team, as needed. Your contract and timeline can be extended so you know that you won't be left high-and-dry. 

  • Easy to use and follow the patterns created in your timeline
  • Secure (SSL) and discreet storage for your evidence
  • Certify and validate your files are original and not tampered
  • Court presentable facts: evidence that cannot be altered
  • Securely share your files with your legal team
  • View, organize, and find your files quickly in the unique timeline summary

A Note from CCPI Founder, Dorcy Pruter

I’ll tell you something you probably already know — what parents and professionals often miss is the pattern of the pathogenic parent’s behavior, which is so important in making realistic decisions and obtaining effective court orders, if necessary.

This is dangerous because,

with pathogenic parents,

the issue is never the issue.

Pathogenic parents often engage in patterns of behavior that are abusive, alienating, or otherwise highly negative toward those closest to them, yet, often unseen by those who only have brief contact —like the family law professionals and therapist who may see the children or the pathogenic parent only once a week. These personalities can be highly manipulative and charming, yet they can cover up their harmful patterns very well if you don’t know what to look for and are not aware of the full pattern.

This is why my team and I have created a methodology that includes not only the compiling, assessing, and tagging of your evidence, but also the mindset coaching and then the solution to the problem. We realized that most family law attorneys, judges, and therapists have no idea what the solution is and so they advice unknowing parents with the wrong advice. This simply does not serve the parents, and the children get lost in the system.

We know what is in the best interest of the child, which is to have a loving, healthy relationship with BOTH parents - when the parents are healthy and not abusing the children. This requires a protocol, that serves all of the members of the family including both parents.

When a child has the freedom to love both parents, they have a greater chance for success in all areas of their lives.

Get supported to create the best outcome for your family now.
If you don’t invest in the future wellbeing of your children, nobody will.

We look forward to serving you!

Dorcy Pruter
CCPI CEO/Founder
Certified Master Coach and Family Mediator

About the Founder:
I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute with one big, hairy audacious goal in mind: to eliminate "Parental Alienation" from the human consciousness! We are determined to end the suffering of all alienated children and their beloved parents.

--Dorcy is a formerly alienated child who has ended the suffering for her father and her siblings. She learned through her own personal journey exactly what it takes to end "Parental Alienation." Dorcy has created several different coaching programs that meets the family's needs depending on where they are at in the family court process.