As a CCPI Certified Instructor in Wyoming, we offer the CCPI 10 week course as the court ordered requirement for parents going through divorce in our area. I have referred a client into the Custody Resolution Method who successfully used it to prove allegations of child abuse were false and has turned her custody case with her high conflict co-parent around to getting court orders for High Road to Reunification. Carrie Strawn, Brighter Horizons CounselingCarrie Strawn-Brighter Horizons Counseling

After being alienated from my children for years, I started coaching with Dorcy. Through the work we did together I was able to maintain 50/50 custody of my son, and this year was able to reconnect with my adult daughter. Since completion of CCPI coaching, I have completed Higher Purpose Mastery Coaching with Dorcy and started my purpose-driven work. This year I completed my cross-country solo ride to fight Childhood Obesity. J.Maihack, Riding on 2 Fight Obesity