September 14

About Conscious Co-Parenting Institute


Conscious Co-Parenting Institute focuses on separating or divorced families dealing with pathogenic parenting formerly known as Parental Alienation (PA) . Parental Alienation and Family Court Cases involving PA are perhaps the most vexing and difficult cases that exist in Family Court. These cases require careful and painstaking preparation, analysis of voluminous documentation, preparation of experts and collateral witnesses. They can be difficult to demonstrate in court and include arduous steps that exceed the normal representation of a Family Law case without parental alienation. These cases exploit and wear down the system, and do so in the service of the alienation. We understand the complexities of these cases and have created programs that focus on these very issues

The programs we offer are Conscious Co-Parenting Courses, Conscious Co-Parenting Licensing Certification Program, One-on-One Coaching, and Co-Parenting Coordination Service

The Conscious Co-Parenting Course is an excellent learning experience for parents seeking to deepen their understanding of the core concepts of being a quality conscious co-parent. You will achieve a greater understanding of Parental Alienation and how to shift from being a victim or target parent of Parental Alienation to being an empowered and proactive conscious co-parent. You will learn how to overcome Parental Alienation in court and how to co-parent even with a difficult ex-spouse. You will learn how to develop and implement a highly effective Conscious Co-Parenting Plan™. To learn more about or sign up for the Conscious Co-Parenting Course, click here.


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